Speaker of words


It is in our words as much as in our actions. What we think, what we feel, what we want.

What you say will be judged it will be measured.


So many troubles are either caused by saying too little or saying too much. Saying the right words at the right time is a gift of a caring friend or a loving soul.


You can change the course of a life with a word, but you can only pray that it is the right word.


Making a difference to someone is one of the greatest things you can imagine, having the chance to say those words that will mean so much.


It is a most precious gift.


So many things can be accomplished with words, good and bad, be careful of what you say. But try always to speak whatís in your heart speaking from your heart inspires trust.


To have your words trusted it is a comforting feeling, to have your words mistrusted even though you speak from a pure heart, it hurts terribly.


A word a sentence from one soul to another can be the most precious gift ever given.


When you feel down or life seems oppressive to you, remember the words, bask in the memory of them. And sooner or later new words will come to you and they will be bright and beautiful.


Remember you have the words in you, when ever they are needed speak them to those who need them, speak them from your heart.


This is the gift every person can give, this is the gift every person should be proud to give. Give words of soothing, give words of support, give words of strength and give words of love.