Walking into tranquility

Walking along an empty road, the birds are hovering in the blue sky above me. Their song rise and fall as the wind carries them along. The solitude and bare open fields calms my roiling mind. Out here, I can breathe freely, out here I can be alone with my thoughts. It is a timeout from life, away from demands, away from conflicts. I walk there, listening to the song in my head walking sometimes backwards, sometimes facing forward. The sun is above, shining upon my face, I cannot look at it, only from the corner of my eye can I watch it. Still it cast its warming glow on my face as the wind tugs at my hair. Behind the hill lies the fjord it is my destination, it has been too long since I have walked along it, letting my feet sink into the sand and let the beat of the waves flow into my thoughts. I did not set out with the fjord in mind though, I just wanted to walk for a while, being alone for a while, perhaps be able to sing a few songs where no one would present to disturb or judge me. I have walked this trail many times in my life, my feet goes into that easy rhythm of step after step. The calm monotony of it leaves me able to fully focus on what is on my mind. I have wandered this road many times, it is familiar to me, I feel somehow comforted by doing something I have done so many times in all different sorts of moods. Finally it is time to turn around, the sun has dipped closer to the horizon, I walk home singing quietly to myself. The sun is at my back warming my coat as I walk. It is a comfortable feeling, it nudges me on as the wind at my back does the same, only it fails to penetrate the protective warmth of my coat. Some times I turn around to look at the water behind me. The sun is shining brightly turning the otherwise grey waters into a shining sea of light. Sometimes light skies will obscure the sun, creating shadows on the ground as light and shadow chase each other around. I follow these as I head on for home, once again my mind is at ease, I am tired, but happy. Tomorrow I will do this again.