When you pick a flower, have you killed it?

When a child is born, is it dying?

Is life a journey ending with death?

You live to die, but are you dying to live?

Is life getting more precious for each breath?

Why are you here, why do you live?

Each person has its own wishes and wants.

Sit and read in the sun, run in the forest.

Sing out in joy, hug your neighbor.

Everything ends, make the very best of life


Hope keeps you going when everything seems lost.

Hope teaches you to never give up the spirit of life.

Hope is the faint shining light in the darkest of times.

Hope has the might of a flower breaking through concrete.

Hope colored green beautiful like a rolling meadow.

Hope tuned to the beat of your heart hold it close.

Hope is to be spread, from hand to hand, man to man.

Hope can turn a dull stone in to a beautiful bright gem.

Hope is the continued breathing of a sick child.

Hope is the spark of life, the eternal continuation.

Never give in, never give up, hope will see you through



Courage, if only i had courage,

I would say it out loud

everything that my mind thinks,

everything that my heart feels.


For you and for life

for everything that is

for everything that you have given

grateful i am, for ever.


That which have never been said

that wich always waits

You, my family, my life

I love you all.


Of happiness and sorrow

Quiet yet persistent, intangible yet solid.

Heavy, smothering, a shadow of darkness.

A feeling of warmth, a feeling of content

Cold, unyielding, a grasping stranglehold.

There is no darkness even with closed eyes

Dark shadows cover your every thought.

When a little smile plays around your lips

When a frown is pasted on your face.

Embrace one, fight the other fiercely.

You are the one who choose the way.


Rays of sunshine

Standing outside, cold wind biting at your cheeks.

Yet you smile.

Standing inside, back to the window, room in riot.

Still you smile.

Waking up, far too little sleep, bright light in your eyes

Even now you smile

Why are you smiling?

Because of the sun, the sun that brings life and light.

The sun that teases plants to reach up from dark earth.

The sun an artist playing with light and shadows.

The sun lifts the spirit from the abyss to the clouds.

Today I smile, because of the sun.



Foundation to build your life upon.

Pillars to support your trembling.

Constant stability in a turbulent life.

A safe haven in an unsafe world.

A helping hand when yours are full.

Trust when you are doubting yourself.

A steadying hand in times of turmoil.

A word of comfort when you need it

Warmth in a steadily colder world.

Friendship, something freely given,

only among friends.


Healing play.

When did you last skip and jump, whistling happily?

When did you last balance on the edge of the sidewalk?

When did you last jump up and touch the ceiling?

When did you last roll around until you fell all dizzy?

When did you last try to count all the stars in the sky?

When did you last try to move things with your mind?

When did you last follow that silly voice in your head?

Ask yourself this now, why not, why should I not?

Indeed why not.

Why are you letting yourself be confined by ideals?

Why are you not happily racing your inner child?

Why are you considering yourself too old to play?

Play, let it all loose, who told you, you were too old?

A child at play is something pure,

We should all be children at play, just for a little while.


Laughter in the rain.

Sometimes, I stand in the rain turning my head to the sky.

Sometimes, I let the water fall on my face feeling every drop.

Sometimes, I laugh out and spin around arms wide open.

Sometimes, I think the rain is the spirit of life soaking the earth.

Sometimes, I think nothing is more beautiful than light summer rain.

Sometimes, I think, who cares about a pot of gold, just stay rainbow.

Sometimes, I look to the sky thinking, what wonders will you bring next



As the artist molds his clay,

gives it features and shape.

The teacher shapes the child,

grant it skills and knowledge.

A soul influenced forever,

made ready to walk it’s path.

It is an unimaginable honor,

it is an awesome responsibility.

To hold fates in their hands,

may they always hold true.



Life is a journey towards the unknown,

your path may be rough and uneven,

your path will have such steep mountains,

your path will lead to sudden falls.

But standing on top of the highest mountain,

how can it not be worth all those pains?

How can the pure joy of being alive not do?

How can you not sing out in joy of it all?

It is all part of life, the joys the pains,

the laughter the tears, it is all needed.

Now it is your story to write

In the end, it is your story to tell.

Write it well.


To friends and family

Always there, always ready,

always watching out for you,

always worthy of your trust,

always those who guide you.

They will light the way for you,

they will raise you if you fall

they will heal your wounds

they will heal your soul.

You are part of the whole,

you are part of an living entity,

you are stronger than alone,

you are part of a family.


The morning bell tolls

A new day, same old story

You fight the lids of your eyes

The gravel of sleep must flee before duty


Have to get up despite darkness

A new day has arrived

The day worries not about you

Dare you worry about your day


Vækkeuret ringer

Ny dag samme pligter

Kæmper med dine øjenlåg

Søvnens grus må vige for dit kald


Du skal op mørket til trods

En ny dag er oprunden

Dagen bekymrer sig ej om dig

Tør du bekymre dig om den



The season of many colors,

muted yet persistent.

The sweet scent of decay,

never pungent keeping fresh.

In the distance a church bell ring,

it beckons the sun to rise.

It is getting steadily darker,

the sun is struggling.

Be safe be warm, be close,

huddle in sleep for a while.



My hands smell of blood,

what have I done,

that harsh coppery stench,

is everything this worthless,

was it really that hopeless.

I feel life flowing from me,

too late for regrets now,

what have I done.


The value of a smile.

It is such a small thing,

such a simple gesture.

Lips slightly curved,

a twinkle in the eyes.

Yet it can mean so much

brighten someone’s day.

Keep on smiling.


Leave me alone

Talking, meaningless, senseless.

Just shut up!

Look at this, watch this, see me,

No, go away!

Could you, would you, can you.

No, ask me tomorrow!

Pulling, pushing, insistently.

Stop bothering me.

I am tired, sore, I have pains.

Just leave me alone!


The being within

Concealment is a way of life,

seeking refuge in our minds.

Hiding there from our demons,

from the onslaught of thoughts.


Still we shall not be cowed,

spirits cannot be held down.

One day we will raise our eyes,

we will look up without fear.